• In the Energy Sector
    Revolutionary Solutions
  • Polymer Cable Brick
    Durable, practical and economical solutions
  • Kelepçe Grupları
  • Kablo Geçiş Contaları
  • Yeni Ürün Trafo Deprem Takozu


  • Very light, practical to assemble.
  • Fast workmanship, overproduction.
  • Save time and labor.
  • High profitability. Recycled material, Polproplen (PP).
  • ire.
  • Nature friendly, harmless to the eco system.
  • No shipping problems.
  • Prevent energy losses in infrastructure cables.
  • Support to the national economy.

End of Stone Age in Energy Sector

Why We Prefer Pkatu

Support to the national economy
Prevent energy losses in infrastructure cables
Smooth shipping, zero waste
Nature friendly
Recycled material, Polypropylene (PP)
High profitability
Save time and labor
Light and easy assembly